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Preservation of Jordanville History Continues - 05/09/19

An enthusiastic amateur historian from Michigan, Andrei Alekseevich Lyubimov, began compiling in 1996 an annotated database of the departed who are buried in the cemeteries of Holy Trinity Monastery.  The results of his research were published in the journal Letopis’ Russkogo zarhubezh’ia (no. 2, 1996 and no. 3 for 1997). In 2005, Hieromonk Evtikhii (Dovganiuk) submitted to Holy Trinity Orthodox Theological Seminary a Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) thesis titled, A Draft of a Guidebook for the Necropolis of Holy Trinity Monastery (in Russian). The Holy Trinity seminarian, Vladimir Davydov, developed Fr. Evitikhii’s work, presenting his B.Th. thesis to Holy Trinity Seminary in 2009. In 2012-14, Andrei A. Lyubimov resumed his cataloging of the cemeteries, having arrived in Jordanville at the invitation of the Foundation of Russian History headed by Archpriest Vladimir von Tsurikov, Dean of the Seminary.  The collaboration of Andrei Lyubimov and Fr. Vladimir bore fruit as Dzhordanvil’skii nekropol’, published in 2015 by the publishing house Staraia Basmannaia in Moscow.  Meanwhile, the internet site, Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad, had begun to video-record numerous commentaries made in Russian by Hieromonk Roman (Krassovsky) and Protodeacon Viktor Lochmatow at selected graves of the Jordanville cemeteries. However, the Seminary professor and editor of the website, Deacon Andrei Psarev, did not, initially, have the resources for posting annotated video materials on the website. That changed for the better in October 2018, when the Canadian foundation, Russkaia Dusha (The Russian Soul), allocated a grant for placing video materials on the Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad website. Each video is accompanied by a reference to the book, Dzhordanvil’skii nekropol’, and may be viewed here: http://www.rocorstudies. org/jordanville/.

Great and Holy Week and Pascha - 04/28/19

Christ is Risen! Христосъ воскресе!

With God's grace, Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary has celebrated another glorious and joyous Pascha, this year for the first time with His Grace Bishop Luke (Murianka) officiating as a bishop!

Exhibit on the ‘Last Days of the Last Tsar’ closes on May 17, 2019 - 04/23/19

The exhibition “Last Days of the Last Tsar” at Jordanville’s Russian History Museum closes in less than a month. The exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of the tragic death of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II and his family. We encourage you to visit the “Last Days of the Last Tsar,” which has been extended until May 17 due to popular demand.

Presanctified Liturgy Served by Bishop Luke using the ‘Ludwell’ Translation - 03/27/19

On March 14/27, 2019, 'The Divine and Holy Liturgy of St Gregory the Dialogist', more commonly known today as the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts, was celebrated by His Grace, Bishop Luke of Syracuse, in the Dormition (cemetery) Chapel at Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY.

The “Jordanville Conference”: Chastity, Purity, Integrity— Orthodox Anthropology and Secular Culture - 03/07/19

With Bishop Luke, Rector of Holy Trinity Seminary and abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery presiding and offering all prayers, distinguished Orthodox clergy and scholars from across the country gathered at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary from March 7 to March 9.

We've Exceeded the Goal! - 03/06/19

On behalf of our seminarians, faculty, and administration, I would like to thank each and every donor for your contribution, no matter the amount, to our fall/winter fundraiser, which concluded on 2/28/19.

Because of your profound and unprecedented generosity, we have, with God's help, now raised over $136,000, and with a dedicated benefactor's generous match, up to $25,000, of every dollar over $100,000, this puts our total for the general fund at over $161,000 for this fundraiser. In addition, during this fall-winter fundraising season, we’ve raised an additional $19,100 designated for future scholarships, so our overall total now peaks at almost $181,000. This amount represents the most we have ever raised in any single campaign for our beloved Seminary.

Once again; may I express our deepest gratitude, and may the Good Lord bless you 100-fold for your generosity in supporting us and our very important mission here at Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville!

- Bishop Luke (Murianka), Rector

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